Ana Velichkovska

General Manager at Olive Jobs

Digital Transformation | Leadership | Change | Management

Ana's Thoughts

Celebrating Olive Jobs’ Growth Journey to 100 Employees

Olive Jobs has reached a significant milestone in the heart of growth –celebrating 100 employees in our family! Behind this number are stories of determination, commitment to fostering talent, nurturing dreams, and shaping careers. Recently,...

Leading with Purpose and Vision – Insights from the Best Practice Leadership Summit 2023

Success in business and leadership is determined largely by one's capacity to manage and lead effectively.

Over the past week, Olive Jobs served as the host of the first Best Practice Leadership Summit 2023. Since day...

The Right People in the Right Seats: Play to our strengths or change our weaknesses?

When we meet new people, we’re tempted to ask: ‘what do you do?’ We’re picking up on the idea that our identity is very linked to our daily tasks. So, here comes the question – Is...

Future of work trends: What will the workplace look like in 2023?

The rules of the game have changed. The last three years have had a lasting impact on the future of work. If there is one thing we can all agree on, it is that the...

The General Manager is responsible for overseeing many different aspects of the business, including people, processes, systems, and finances.

Ultimately, the GM represents and manages the business in alignment with the CCG core values, vision and goals and demonstrates a positive example by leading and coaching the people in the business, to contribute and achieve their best, and deliver value, within the context of our unique culture.

Ana Velichkovska is a professional with extensive international practice in human resources, digital transformation and change management working with international development organizations as well as with international and local business. Ana has a wide-ranging experience in work-force management, coaching, corporate communications as well as in social and business networking, strategic planning, and staff management. She is driven, dedicated and a professional with a vision for a continuous personal and organizational development, producing suitable strategies to the pragmatic digital challenges and transformation trends.

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