Leading with Purpose and Vision – Insights from the Best Practice Leadership Summit 2023

Success in business and leadership is determined largely by one's capacity to manage and lead effectively.

Over the past week, Olive Jobs served as the host of the first Best Practice Leadership Summit 2023. Since day one, my sole focus as general manager has been on successfully organising the Summit to bring together all of the UK and Macedonia leaders with a strong foundation in self-leadership and leading together.

The Summit was another platform that could help us seize an opportunity for growth. Gathering leaders from various backgrounds, cultures, and professional experiences on one stage allowed us to see how closely we are connected and aligned through our core values, marking a valuable milestone for our organisation. 

I’m proud that we realised the goal of creating a platform where everyone could share their skills in leadership and best practices for their roles.

Prioritise with Precision

What a leader cultivates, where their focus flows and their priorities distinguish them from other leaders. 

As a General Manager, I have the opportunity to significantly impact a company’s success by driving growth, increasing profitability, and improving operational efficiency. 

What does it mean to give initiatives and projects a higher priority? It means that these initiatives must align with the key goals and objectives. It also emphasises using making data-driven decisions and allocating resources effectively. Prioritising processes that will improve performance adds value to the people we work with, significantly impacts people’s lives and upholds a culture of continuous development.

Navigating Change Through Best Practices

I believe my role makes the most difference and impact by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Ensuring that the right people are in the right positions within the organisation
  2. Providing a healthy and safe environment for employees to work in
  3. Cultivating a culture that creates “A players” – individuals who are high performers and embody the values and goals of the organisation.

Setting strong leadership, strategic thinking and excellent communication skills are part of my dynamic and highly challenging role. The elements that drive me to shape and reshape working models that would lead to the best practices are always impacted by having the right approach!  

My best practice approach begins with building trust within the team. Promoting honestytransparency, and accountability leads to ensuring psychological safety and a healthy environment based on clear expectationsbeing open to positive and constructive feedback, and involving the team in decision-making processes.

Sharing our core values of Family, Impact, and Teaming is one of the best practices that ensure my team collaborates with other teams with open and direct communication explaining the ”why” objectives behind our work. They bring context and the most significant importance to foster a sense of shared purpose and alignment across teams.

Building a Culture of Trust - General Managers and Senior Leadership Team

Establishing trust between General Managers and Senior Leadership Team is a multifaceted endeavour that involves effective communication, transparency, collaborative decision-making, shared goals, and recognition of achievements. 

By strengthening our vision, people and processes and implementing these strategies, our organisation is building a culture of trust that drives success and growth. 

Success and progress are encouraged by strong leadership alignment on many levels. Working together brings clarity to decision-making processes and encourages open information sharing. Continuing to work together to find solutions demonstrates our unity and power, enabling individual and team accomplishments through motivation that supports a positive culture.

We take great pride in fostering a culture of trust among General Managers and the Senior Leadership Team. The future is promising, and we have a shared vision for how we can work together to build a culture of collaboration and coordinated processes that will benefit everyone.